All Oasis products are designed with networking and cooperative, coordinated functionality in mind. Our Owl Perimeter system is a network of Owl Sentries working in concert with Owl NVR and if necessary Owl Honeypots.

Owl Perimeter allows you to monitor all your security devices from one software interface – Oasis FYI. Oasis FYI allows you to access real time security data, video, imagery and alerts anytime, from almost anywhere.

Owl Perimeter aggregates data from your Owl Sentries filtering and alerting you to all important events and activities. Owl Sentries are setup to monitor specific movement areas, or specific assets as needed. Owl Perimeter allows you to group all your Owl Sentries and manage your Enterprise assets.

Empower your loss prevention and security teams with mobile access to the information they need. With unlimited, secure cloud storage, easily save and share evidence of theft, fraud, and other security incidents internally or with law enforcement.