Oasis FYI




Owl Eye provides unparalleled business security surveillance and theft deterrence services.

  • Indoor and outdoor security camera systems
  • Add multiple Owl Eyes for the right scalability and flexibility.
  • Megapixel resolution, motion detection, tamper detection
  • Total surveillance coverage 24/7

Object Detection and Recognition

Video surveillance detection filters for automobiles and humans. The camera picks up images of cars and people and filters out useless scenes of animals and debris that enter the site line of the camera. Using object detection and recognition software, our cameras capture real-time video and distinguish between people and cars and sends alerts when unwanted events occur.


  • Object detection and recognition software to distinguish between people and objects
  • Strategically placed cameras capture real time video of people and cars.


Every person on the premise is recorded Event Management Owl NVR triggers alerts through our workflow process to escalate events in real time. What’s the alarm? Who’s responsible? Is it being handled? Don’t rely on people incapable of 24/7 real time management.


  • Custom network video recorder – OASIS FYI with workflow processing to manage events
  • Events create a real time workflow process to produce alerts and notifications
  • Workflow processes are managed to handle any situation that could arise.
  • Less dependence on people and performance management issues