Stop chasing squirrels

Motion detection can be a puzzling and frustrating feature. Too many alerts are annoying (and a waste of time), while too few leave you wondering if the camera is working at all. Some motion sensors get tripped by events that aren’t even motion, such as a change in the lighting, or yes, even a small animal. How do you stop being alerted by things you don’t care about while remaining confident you will be notified for the important stuff? Enter “Artificial Intelligence.”

Artificial intelligence or “AI” has recently learned to see, and not see in just the way a camera can see, but see and comprehend what is observing – just like we can. 

AI infused surveillance systems can now be trained (quite literally trained) to analyze video footage in near real-time to detect just the things we tell them to detect. AI infused surveillance systems are learning what is normal so they can identify the unusual and potentially harmful behavior or activity that a human alone may miss.

Running every frame your camera generates is not practical (yet), but this is where we can fall back to our previously annoying friend, motion detection. Systems can now be set up to only run the frames through an artificial intelligence model when motion has been detected on those frames. 

Those motion frames are then analyzed by the AI to determine if something that we care about happened… for example a person walking through a restricted area could be determined to be worthy of an email being sent to your phone, whereas detecting a squirrel would not.

AI Learns to see