Smart cameras in the field

Every day you or your technician or a contractor make the potentially long trip to the site to do your daily checkup. Since this is so routine you already know what you have to do: Check the gas gauge, check the well storage levels, look for any leaks. You might get occasional anomalies but for the most part, it’s the same thing each and every time.


There’s got to be some efficiencies to be gained here.

You want to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Maximize resources
  • Increase situational awareness.

Smart Cameras

What makes a smart camera smart?

Smart cameras, at a base level, can decipher what it is that they see. They can then be programmed to react to what they see in a particular way.  Oasis smart cameras are configured to detect humans and vehicles out of the box, though they can be trained to detect other things.  So, typically, a user might want to know if a person is detected in a certain area, at a certain time (afterhours for example) and then have the smart camera only alert them to detections meeting that criteria.


How would you use a Smart Camera in the field?

Smart camera systems are perfect for remote security and surveillance applications. You could easily monitor a remote jobsite for unauthorized entry, for theft or for vandalism. You could keep track of the equipment you have by having the smart camera overlook the inventory and pull real-time snapshots from your site.  Monitor for anyone who enters your site, especially when they are unwelcome.

A more complex system might involve a smart camera trained to detect birds. The system would actuate a deterrent device (a noise canon for example) when birds are detected on a runway or in a tailings pond. The system could then be configured to notify you of its success or failure at scaring away the birds.


How to scale having more smart cameras?

Your business is growing and you want your devices to grow with you. Low latency and reduced bandwidth are required, to achieve this the Smart camera will be undergoing edge computing to only send information that you need and want to know about. Deploy and maintain with limited bandwidth in remote locations.


How do you share the information amongst each other efficiently?

In order for your team members to have access to the same information as you, there needs to be a way to work collaboratively and share any comments or status of your equipment. The interface has to support a collaborative work environment to provide comments on the same information.


Have your second set of eyes do most of the work for you.



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Save the cost of travelling to remote sites