AI Learns to see

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is now everywhere, though perhaps you may not recognize it. From the personal assistant in your phone or on your kitchen counter to systems designed to increase crop yields or detect credit card fraud –  artificial intelligence is becoming smarter and more ubiquitous.


Artificial intelligence in daily life

AI brings human-like intelligence to everyday technologies. We ask it questions, however mundane, and it cheerfully and tirelessly gives us answers. We are harnessing its power to improve how our businesses and communities operate. AI has obviously been pretty smart for a while now.


Humans and AI working together

Recently however, AI has learned to see, and not see in just the way a camera can see, but see and comprehend what is observing – just like we can. That has implications. Nowhere are these implications more apparent than where surveillance is concerned. While traditional security practices and methods remain – for the time being at least, a massive change is either upon us or just awaiting adoption and implementation.


Training artificial intelligence

AI infused surveillance systems can be trained (quite literally trained) to analyze video footage in near real-time to detect just the things we tell them to detect. AI infused surveillance systems are learning what is normal so they can identify the unusual and potentially harmful behaviour or activity that a human alone may miss.

Perhaps most cogent however is that AIs don’t blink, don’t need bathroom breaks, don’t get tired and can watch thousands of camera feeds at the same time. AI is here. Are you ready?

Human Elimination of Activity and Liability H.E.A.L.