Enterprise Intelligence and Smart Cities.

Oasis Technology creates brilliant and robust solutions addressing the needs of Security, Environmental Intelligence and Smart Cities.

Owl - Smart Security

Visual surveillance, recognition, and perimeter tracking - RFID, and GPS enhanced. Gather data and secure your valuable assets. Our neural networks make sense of the data for you. All of the signal, none of the noise..

Bullfrog - Environmental Intelligence

Bullfrog gathers and interprets environmental data in even the most remote and inhospitable environments.  Air quality and water quality sensors including precision tank testing, sump testing probes and other non-destructive testing systems or flow meters and calibration technologies

Problems Identified | Problems Solved…

Our solutions are the product of our 20+ years of experience in environmental testing and monitoring.

We build smart, cost effective, durable solutions to real world problems.

Contact us today and let us show you how you can save man hours, travel time and resources.

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