Enterprise Intelligence and Smart Cities.

Oasis Technology creates brilliant and robust solutions addressing the needs of Enterprise, Environmental Intelligence and Smart Cities.

The concept of “Human Elimination of Activity and Liability” or HEAL is a core tenet of Oasis Technology. We at Oasis recognize that as artificial intelligence (AI) systems, robotics, and sensors grow beyond plausibility to being both practical and, finally, necessary, almost every job will be reinvented. As this trend of technology increasingly complementing human labour accelerates, both companies and governments must reconsider how they design jobs, organize work, and plan for future growth.

For instance, when fewer people do manual labour, especially repetitive tasks, fewer injuries occur and fewer mistakes are made. Fewer mistakes equals less loss and higher profits. A reduction in injuries results in a fewer workers claiming compensation. Fewer claims decreases the overall cost for workers compensation coverage. Overall decreased costs benefit both the employer and the employed.

Perhaps most importantly though, replacing manual labor and mundane, repetitive tasks with artificial intelligence and automation allows us as humans, to focus on more fulfilling pursuits.

Oasis FYI SaaS Solution

Our FYI dashboard interface was painstakingly created to make it simple to  both manage and utilize data generated by connected devices. Workspaces are designed to accommodate hundreds, even thousands of devices in an efficient and elegant way. Combine Oasis FYI with our Owl of Bullfrog devices and you will quickly see how powerful this solution is. 


Owl Smart Vision Systems

Through the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) on the edge, enterprise internet of things (EIoT) and brilliant SaaS interfaces, Oasis Owl vision products greatly increase the efficiency of data acquisition and aggregation, while providing highly accurate analysis and actionable insights.

Using object detection and recognition software, our systems capture real-time video and distinguish between people and cars and sends alerts to a SaaS dashboard or directly to an individual via email or SMS when actionable events occur – all the while utilizing edge AI to weed out false alarms and keep your data costs low. 


Bullfrog Environmental Sensing.

The Oasis Bullfrog systems gather and interpret environmental data in even the most remote and inhospitable environments.  Bullfrog is capable of gathering  data from a wide variety of sensors. Bullfrog hardware has been developed and proven to be incredibly robust,  operating  in even the harshest environments.  

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